Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers

” What questions are normally asked in an interview, if we apply for a digital marketer position as a fresher or a beginner?” A lot of aspirants ask this question. So, I will try to cover those questions in today’s video. I will not give the lengthy answers but will give hints so that you can do R & D yourself.

Hello everyone, my name is Sumit Sharma & I welcome you all to our channel Buddhas Learning. Todays video is very crucial for all the aspirants who are preparing to start their career in digital marketing.

Being an interviewer, I would like to clear one thing that I believe in practical rather than theory. For eg If someone comes for Digital marketer position in W3Developers & says i am good at blogging & onpage SEO. I give him a topic and tell him to write a blog. For SEO part, like Title, Description, keywords, density, alt txt. H1, H2 how he will use these, I ask him to show it with practical.
If someone says i am good at video editing and I use Camtasia tool. I give him a raw video, shoot with green screen and tell him to do video editing with using Camtasia and make this video presentable. I believe in practical.

However, lets follow the norms that how a fresher goes for the interview and what questions a typical interviewer will ask And the questions, you should know the answers if you apply for a Digital marketer position as a beginner. 

After the formal introduction, the basic question, you must be very clear is

Question #1 “What is Digital marketing”?

It’s definition may vary from person to person. In simple words, Its an art to promote your product/website using various online methods like sharing on social medias. You need not to cram these definitions, you you must understand the logic.

Question #2 “What are the types of Digital marketing”?

Once again, i am going to give you the hints. NOT the complete answers. For detail, you can always search youtube and various blogs. I can give you some hints like seo, smo, sem, smm, content marketing, email marketing etc

Question #3 “Advantages of Digital Marketing”.

Do the detailed study about yourself. In a nutshell, we can track our prospects, impressions, clicks, cpi rate, where we can run our ad, whom should we show our ad, budget estimate, this all can be calculated. And its way cheaper and more affective than traditional marketing. Although, this much is sufficient as interviewer wants to judge that how much knowledgable you are and your grip on SEO.

Practical test comes at last. before that, your are judged on your fluency, positivity, expressions & theoritical knowledge. So, you should have positive attitude, confident while answering. If you are fumbling at basic questions, then why to waste time by taking practical test?

Question #4 “What is SEO?”

Question #5 “What are the types of SEO?”
Question #6 “How to do Onpage SEO?” 
Question #7 “Is Offpage SEO still there?”
Question #8 “Which one is good? Blackhat, white hat or gray hat?”

With these answers, they are judging your grip on this domain.

Next question, they generally ask, 

Question #9 “What is SERP”?
Question #10 “What is Indexing”?
Question #11 “What is Crawling”?
Question #12 “How will you research for Keywords”?

With The answer to this question you can impress the interviewer. If you can name some keyword research tools or any online tool. But if you are sure about its working, only then try to mould the conversation in this direction. for eg if you say, semrush or moz and if the interviewer ask the next question, How? And you say I don’t know. then, It will be a boomrang.

If you apply for PPC Expert, then your questions can be related to 

Question #13 “Keyword Research & Keyword planner”?Question #14 “Difference between Impressions & Clicks”.  

Question #15 “What is Google Trends”? 
Question #16 “Have you ever used Google Trends, Where & How”? 
Question #17 “What is Remarketing”? 
Question #18 “What is AMP”?  

The questions, which i shared today, are the basic questions of Digital marketing. if you apply for any job, you must know these answers. if you don’t know their answers, find them 

But if you go to any interview, without knowing these, I can write down on blank paper that you will be rejected in that interview.

Now, the interviewer starts going deeper and want to check your grip on SEO. My favourite question and many interviewers ask this. 

Question #19 “What are the methods to do Onpage SEO”?Question #20 “What is index SEO”? 
Question #21 “Does it really matter if i make my complete blog in one paragraph”? 
Question #22 “Do H1 & H2 tags really matter”? 
Question #23 “If we rename an image, why we do so”? 
Question #24 “What Keyword density is permissible”? 
Question #25 “Can I put a featured image of 2MB size in a post”? If not then why? 
Question #26 “What are backlinks? External vs internal”? 
Question #27 “Are backlinks really necessary”? 
Question #28 “Which Offpage Optimization techniques are still valid”?

One question which is tricky and logical as well.

Question #29 “Which is better? SEO or PPC?
Here, totally depends on your way of expressing, how you put your words. Also depends on which position you are applying for SEO executive or PPC executive?

Interviewer knows that you have come for fresher level but he wants to check that how serious you are for Digital marketing as a career. If you answer the above questions give it. If you don’t know, simply tell I don’t know but I guess if you allow.

In our next video, we will cover those questions, which are asked from an experienced candidate. With this, we are ending our todays video. If you want that I share a pdf of all these questions with answers, then hit the Like button. if these Likes cross 1000 then I will share the pdf in the description.
Bye bye take care & Wish you all a bright career in digital marketing

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