Facebook offering $100M grant & tips for small businesses

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In this lockdown face when we are staying at home obeying social distancing,  can we sit idle? We can see what big tycoons are telling us to do and we can also see that how Facebook, canva, placeit.net or adobe is helping us to grow our business during this tough time.

Now as we all are aware that COVID -19 is spreading across the world. Almost every country has reported the cases but the impact is uneven. In the past 7 days, about 46 % confirmed new cases have been reported in Europe, and 39 % cases are reported in the US. India too has seen a significant increase in the cases since the beginning of April and basis on that, our prime minister has extended the lockdown till 3rd of may. (Source: McKensey & Company)

In today’s blog, we will highlight that how Facebook is helping the businesses, what are the tips which facebook is offering what are those templates which facebook has shared and these templates you can later post on your FB walls. To know more about these in details, lets go to the link facebook.com/bussines, and you can goto covid-19 resource tab & new page opens facebook.com/boost/resources 

and here it says that at facebook we are working to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of coronavirus we know that as, members of the communities you serve, businesses like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges and we are be committed to providing as much support of possible.

After that there are 5 magical steps which you can take today, now according to facebook keep yourself safe and informed and there they have shared the latest updates of WHO so you can go directly from the link those they have provided there and you can check the latest updates and we go down it is saying stay in touch with your customers we need to share  the important information to our customers proactively by using emails or the websites and facebook page and the  main agenda is we need to  stay conected.

During this outbreak time when offlinge we can’t do much things because of social distancing so the best thing we can do that  

  1. we can do our business online by promoting gift cards through facebook page or through our bussiness or we can attach those bussines cards on our website and during this when we are staying in our home maintaining the social distancing
  2. What we can do the best we can prepare a customer service plan and
  3. We can prepare the FAQ like those questions which customers usually ask if we can made a tailermade answers. For Example if you are running a gym and most of the time the customers ask the same question, Can I cancel my membership? so in that case, the answer should be of course we will cancel your membership once your membership will cancelled, the spend amount from your orifginal purchase will be refunded to your account. We look forward to doing business with you again soon. So this kind of FAQs can be prepared during this lockdown.

    Now there is one very important announcement, Small business grants program as from Facebook. We heard from small businesses that a little financial support can go a long way so we are offering hundred million dollars in cash grand and add credit to help during this challenging time if we will go to learn more it will take to another page that is precisely on grant.

    Facebooks small business grant programmeHow this program can help
    1. It can keep your workforce going strong.
    2. It can help with your rent costs or connect with more customers, now who all are eligible so it says up to 30 000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries.
    3. Now to be eligible for grant it shows that:
    You should have 2 to 50 employees and
    Your business should be running for more than a year and
    If you want to check the location you can see the available locations at present all the locations of the USA they have been sectioned and for others, you need to sign up a program for this you need to sign up with your official email and selecting the country.

    Now after that, it says that the guides, tailer according to your industry like in which industry you are whether its a restaurant or retail industry or salon spas or a fitness program, partner and agencies, or media and publishers, if i go on salon and spas, here you will se a welcome message like we recognize this uncertain time can create unique challenges for salons and spas. That’s why we are working to provide helpful information and support during this time, and have created this resource with examples of how businesses can adapt and respond.

    Now if we go down it shows that then 4 things your business can do to adapt and respond mean during this lockdown time you can concentrate on these 4 things :

    1. Stay connected with your customers,
    2. Consider ways to keep your business running,
    3. Keep your employees safe and informed,
    4. Get examples and inspiration. another page shows consider ways to keep your business running because this is a crunch time and most of the things they are not working offline so here you can share the gift card and credits so that once this lockdown will open so in that case these will start working, and you can promt your customers for online purchases, and keep your employees safe and informed and these are some of the examples and inspiration in the same way you can find the other industries restaurants, retails, fitnesses etc.
  4. There are two guides resilience toolkit quick action guide these are very beneficial and these are in pdf form you can download and read and sole motive is to keep moving your business forward and there is one good things for all these small businesses facebook is creating one particular group if you are staying in us, uk, or canada, or india so you can join the business community if i will click on india it will take you the page of facebook join business community it will ask the email address and some quistion and some of the ground rules you also can join .
  5. Now Facebook is providing a set of templates to help the small businesses as for Facebook we know that many businesses are facing unexpecting challenges at this moment including keeping in touch with customers so we wanted to share few things that you can do to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected. Now how we can connect with our customers by these readymade post templates which Facebook is providing to place your order or to shop online, get support, sell gift cards, or express gratitude towards your customers.

    Now you can see placing order its actually letting your customers to know how they can contact you to place the orders, and you can see there those templates are awesome it is giving the option to download, you can download them and can tailor-made as per your choice it mainly takes to maintain a good customer relation, for example, any of your customers just type on WhatsApp hello” so, in that case, the response from your side ” hi thanks for message our retails store is close but we are still taking orders online send us a message or check out our website.

    Now this is good time to take your events online, from your Facebook business page you can arrange some event online like if you are a yoga trainer you can put a tripod front and you can come facebook live and in this case, our suggestion is that you should use wifi instead of mobile data so as to your video will be smooth, now you will see there tailer made templates these are for placing the order and to shop online and increasing your customer to shop more and more online and these are for getting support or to generate the gift card and share them and express gratitude.

    During this lockdown face, you can answer the customers’ questions through the Facebook messenger or Instagram or WhatsApp. So, friends that were all our side in this blog, we explained to you that Facebook is offering, we explained the tips which can be very helpful for your business and we explained about the templates which is facebook is providing. 

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