Most of us are in lockdown at home. So, this is the best opportunity to online your business. After domain purchase, the most crucial thing is hosting. It depends on your hosting that how much time your website will take to open. And what is the uptime % of your server? Who is your Hosting Service provider? Where are its data centers?

Today, there are many hosting providers like GoDaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, inMotion Hosting, A2Hosting, wpEngine, BigRock etc. But you will be surprised that only 3 Hosting providers are there which are recommended by WordPress. Lets discuss all hostings one by one and their Pros & Cons.

  1. Siteground Because of 6 factors, this hosting is outstanding:
  1. easy setup
  2. its one among 3 which are recommended by WordPress.
  3. Pricing is fine as currently 50% off is going on.
  4. reliable as speed never becomes an issue.
  5. service is good and also the customer service.
  6. SSL Certificate included in the price.

The only issue with Site Ground hosting is its upload limit.If you have high resolution images, I would suggest you NOT to choose this hosting

2. BlueHost Why we should opt for Bluehost because:

  • Its second among the three hosting companies, recommended by WordPress.
  • It has brilliant affiliate program.
  • Cache plugin & anti spam plugin are there. We need not to install seperate plugins like auto-optimize etc.
The only issue with this hosting that it is somewhat over-priced. Still I will suggest you to compare Siteground vs BlueHost & take the wise decision.

3. GoDaddy Personally, I will not recommend to go with godaddy. For domain name, I will say godaddy is fine however, for Hosting, A Big NO. My experience is very bitter with godaddy. What i feel that they spend heavily on Ads. Once a person purchases their hosting, then comes their pathetic customer service. In my case, my targeted audience were in India but by default, they had put my website on North America Server. I wanted to switch data server from NM to Singapore. They first denied and then charged heavily to transfer.

4. A2Hosting It has the fastest server time but the second factor which everyone looks is the Uptime. Most of the time, their servers are down & last year, their server was hacked as well.

5. Hostgator You will be familiar with this name as you must have seen its ad on TV as well as Youtube. Hostgator & Bluehost both are the products of same company, Endurance Group. 


Major difference is that Bluhost is recommended by WordPress However, Hostgator is Not. Hostgator is cheaper than BlueHost Still, I will suggest to go with BlueHost.

6. wpEngine These are the fastest servers and reliable. Their uptime & customer service are world class But they are very expensive. Infact, 10 times costlier than other hosting providers.

If you are only concerned about Quality & Money does not matter for you, you should go for this Hosting.

7. Hostinger This is the cheapest Hosting. If you can’t afford more on Hosting, then you can start with Hostinger. But if you are serious for your business, I will not recommend it for you.

8. Dreamhost Honesly, only one positive point with Dreamhost is that it is recomended by WordPress. Otherwise, we have just collected the negative feedbacks for it as expensive, not reliable & poor customer service.

After checking all these, One point is clear that the cheapest is Hostinger & the fastest is a2Hosting. But the Hosting which proves perfect on all Scales are Siteground & Bluehost. Thank You.


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