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Hey Everyone, my name is Sumit Sharma and I welcome you to our channel Buddhas Learning. Today, I am gonna share with you 15 tips & tricks which can improve the content of your Website.

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In 2020, when your online presence is mandatory, the challenge is how to come in top searches? So, the focus is on optimization of your content.

Whether the content is on your website or you are promoting it on any Social Media, your content needs to stand out and earn attention – even in paid promotions.

In Facebook, we call it “thumb-stopping power” – Is your content strong enough to stop someone scrolling and engage?

#1. Mix Up Your Content

So, if you are ready to take your content to the next level, here are 15 tips & tricks that can improve your content. Let’s Start.

In order to reach as many people as possible with a message that is relevant to them, mix up your content.

  • Some people will respond to discounts,
  • others to emotional messaging,
  • others to action-oriented videos.

This is true for all of your marketing communications. Mix up your approach as much as possible to reach as many people as possible and maximize your impact.

#2. Start with the Benefit

We’ve seen a big change in how content is drafted towards digital vs. the traditional mediums.

In a traditional TV commercial, the storytelling starts slow, builds to a reveal/climax, and ends with the brand. In digital people won’t stick around. Digital content starts with the benefit or headline.

Think about recipe videos – they start with the end result – a mouth-watering dish OR they start with the instructions?

While some brands have good enough storytelling that they can draw you in, this isn’t the case for most content. Start with what they get to draw them in and maintain attention with quick moving content.

#3. Test, Test, & Only Test

There is no hard and fast rule which can apply to every Brand. Many digital marketers still don’t build testing into their strategy, or they do it haphazardly.

As you create a content and share it, see the response. If you see the results are not satisfactory, keep on trying things like headline wording, button colour etc. These are more optimized on a concept.

Businesses of any size with any budget can test content easily. Content strategy, that why few people are coming onto your content? It depends on:

  • Lazy loading of the page.
  • product positioning,
  • images, or
  • pricing.

#4. Get Inspired by Influencers

When looking for content strategy and inspiration we often look at other businesses, but most businesses struggle to create content that can shout your presence.

Instead, look to influencers for inspiration. They know what their audience responds to. Food videos on Facebook were revolutionized by food bloggers, not food brands.

This can give you new ideas for how to approach content.

#5. Do Less Stuff in Better Way

Now, in Google Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence plays an important Role. No more repeated content, or stuffed content or long descriptions. If your content is crisp & targeted, it will perform best (both organically or in an ad) & will earn more views.

Reconsider your approach to content and aim at doing fewer things better. Many businesses have reduced their blog post frequency and instead focus on fewer higher-quality articles and guides.

#6. Have Some Fun

When we look at content that performs well we see that emoji’s can increase email open rates, Stories with slow-motion and stickers are making their way into LinkedIn videos.

All of this shows that people want fun and engaging content. Whether your brand is serious or targeting millennials, adding some fun into your content will earn more attention.

#7. Find a Real Consumer Insight

If you remember the Snickers ad campaign which touched the audience’s pulse. Rather than showing a model eating Snickers. It showed a man doing crazy thing first and then another person comes and say, ‘Tu snicker kha’ and after eating Snicker, he becomes normal.

A lot of content focuses on the “what” – the product features.

Digging deeper to understand why those features are important and how they impact people will take your results to the next level and draw people into your content.

#8. Strategy -> What -> So What -> Now What

As you review analytics for your content ask yourself:

  • What: What is this telling me?
  • So What: What does that mean?
  • Now What: What should I do about it?

This digital marketing analytics approach focuses on making your analytics actionable.

#9. Build Content on Relevant Connections

For example, “Happy Holidays from Business X” or “It’s Football Season – Come Buy a New Car”. The problem with these posts is that there is no real connection to the brand.

If you want your content to breakthrough, it needs to be contextually relevant. Ask yourself how football season is related to buying a new car. Make the post relevant and interesting.

#10. Repurpose Your Best Content

When you find something that works – capitalize on it!

Take your best-performing blog post and turn it into a video or infographic.

Take your best-performing topic and find new ways to make it relevant to your audience.

#11. Immediate Attention-Grabbing Creative

Your creative needs to grab attention faster. With more traffic moving to mobile you have even less time to earn attention.

People scroll newsfeeds faster on mobile compared to desktop (1.7 seconds vs. 2.5 seconds) which means you have lesser time.

  • A video needs to start with a quick motion and action to draw people in.
  • An image needs to be engaging.
  • A headline has to quickly capture interest.
  • A website has to load quickly and show value.

Ask yourself if your content captures attention in only a few seconds.

#12. Experiment More with Formats

Think outside of your regular box when it comes to your content and try new things. For example, Stories or Live format content or try video on LinkedIn if you haven’t yet. It is always good to experiment than assume.

#13. Video

Video is getting bigger in every single platform. Even LinkedIn is prioritizing video in the newsfeed. Videos can earn views and shares from second and third-degree connections.

Prioritize video in your strategy. There are tons of great tools like Animoto, filmora Camtasia that make it easy to create outstanding videos.

If you know an agency, who can create short videos for you, hire it.

#14. Reuse Your Best Content

Many businesses create great content – maybe a video or an infographic and promote it when it launches and then they move on and continue to the next post, ad, or lead gen tactic in their content calendar.

With digital marketing, few people in your audience see everything that you post (or remember it). Make sure that your workflow includes analysing and reusing evergreen content.

This will also help you to justify investing more time or money in better content. If you get more leverage by reusing and repromoting a great piece of content you gain a better return on your creative investment.

#15. Use Content Learnings Across Channels

For example:

  • Your best blog headline could also be a great headline for PPC.
  • A video that does well on Facebook could also be a good blog post.
  • A high-traffic webpage could create good content for Facebook.

Friends, these were the 15 Tips & Tricks which can take your content to the next level. If you like this video, please share it with your friends & family. And If you haven’t subscribed to our Channel, please subscribe it, Press the bell icon to get the latest updates on digital marketing & technology.

That’s all from my side in today’s video. We will be back with another video on Digital marketing. Till then, bye-bye, take care & Enjoy learning Digital Marketing thru our videos. Thank U

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